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The highly qualified and experienced team at TUNRA Bulk Solids is committed to forming long term partnerships with your business to help you overcome existing handling problems and assists with planning new projects to ensure trouble-free plant operation.

Our team of industrial consultants has many years of experience in problem solving in the bulk solids handling industry and is supported by our proficient technical staff.

If you want to make a general enquiry, our general business and postal address is:

Newcastle Institute for Energy and Resources (NIER),
The University of Newcastle

Off Vale Street
Shortland NSW 2307

Ph.: +61 2 4033 9055
Fax: +61 2 4033 9044
Email: enquiries@bulksolids.com.au

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Em Prof Alan Roberts

E/Prof Alan Roberts - Founding Director of TUNRA Bulk Solids

Emeritus Professor Alan Roberts AM has an outstanding international reputation as a world authority in the field of bulk solids handling. He has a proven international track record in fundamental and applied research, and is highly respected by industry worldwide. He was the founder of TUNRA Bulk Solids in 1975. His contribution to research and consulting spans a period of 50 years and covers almost all aspects in the field of bulk solids handling.


+61 (2) 4033 9036


Prof Mark Jones - Director of TUNRA Bulk Solids & Centre for Bulk Solids & Particulate Technologies

Professor Mark Jones is Director of the Centre for Bulk Solids & Particulate Technologies (Newcastle Node) and TUNRA Bulk Solids and is also the Head of the School of Engineering at the University of Newcastle. He has been an active researcher and international consultant in the field of bulk solids handling for over 20 years. His principal contributions are in the areas of pneumatic conveying and characterisation, however he has contributed a significant amount of work in a wide range of areas within bulk materials handling.


+61 (2) 4033 9035

A/Prof Craig Wheeler

A/Prof Craig Wheeler - Associate Director of TUNRA Bulk Solids & Centre for Bulk Solids & Particulate Technologies

Associate Professor Craig Wheeler is Associate Director of TUNRA Bulk Solids and Associate Professor in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Newcastle, Australia. He worked for 10 years with BHP Billiton in Australia in a variety of engineering positions, including maintenance, production and design. Since joining the University he has worked as a consultant for TUNRA Bulk Solids for over 10 years. His particular interests include belt conveying, transfer chute design and mechanical conveying.


+61 (2) 4033 9037

Dr Tobias Krull

Dr Tobias Krull - General Manager

Dr Tobias Krull is the General Manager of TUNRA Bulk Solids. He graduated with a Dipl.-Ing. (ME equivalent) from the Technical University of Braunschweig, Germany in 2000 and completed an Engineering Doctorate with a focus on bulk solids handling in 2005. In his more than 10 years of research and consultancy experience, he has been involved in over 500 projects in bulk solids handling, involving contract R&D, troubleshooting, conceptual equipment design, design and plant audits for most major mining and engineering companies in Australia and internationally.


+61 (2) 4033 9015

Dr Ken Williams

Dr Kenneth Williams - General Manager - Research

Dr Kenneth Williams is the General Manager for Research at TUNRA Bulk Solids and is also a Senior Research Fellow in the School of Engineering at The University of Newcastle. He co-ordinates a wide spectrum of research projects and has been a part of the TBS team for over 10 years.His research focus is in the investigation and development of improved and new bulk materials handling systems and methods, working in conjunction with Postgraduate and Postdoctoral researchers. He has also worked extensively on the design and troubleshooting of industrial systems.


+61 (2) 4033 9038

Dr Tim Donohue

Dr Tim Donohue - Engineering Manager

Dr Tim Donohue is Engineering Manager with TUNRA Bulk Solids. He has completed a big number of projects in the materials handling field, with transfer chute design and passive dust control research being particularly important and current areas of expertise. Through both research and consulting projects he has become proficient with Discrete Element Modeling (DEM) as well as Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software, and he utilises them in solving industrial problems.   


+61 (2) 4033 9031


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Dusan Ilic

Dr Dusan Ilic - Senior Consulting Engineer

Dr Dusan Ilic has worked as a consultant to industry with TUNRA Bulk Solids for over 10 years. In this period he has encountered numerous projects encompassing stockpile reclaim, conveying, flow and transfer, hopper and plant layout design. His main areas of expertise involve conceptual design, optimisation and flow analysis of various systems most notably transfer chutes. At present, his interests include the handling of wet processed ore and design of ship loading facilities with a focus on dust minimisation.


+61 (2) 4033 9010

Mr Daniel Ausling - Consulting Engineer

Daniel has been involved with TBS since 2003 and is currently employed as an Engineer. Whilst completing his undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering he gained first practical experience by working in the TBS lab as well as in the workshop. After completing his studies, he started a PhD with the focus on overland conveyors and contributed to different consultancy projects in this area. His current work includes in addition the application of DEM simulation methods to analyse and predict flow patterns in conveyor transfer stations.


+61 (2) 4033 9043

Bin Chen

Mr Bin Chen - Consulting Engineer

Bin Chen is employed as a Consulting Engineer with TUNRA Bulk Solids. He has six years research experience in pneumatic conveying and bulk solids handling, which involved a combination of experimental design and measurement, theoretical modelling and computational fluid dynamics. Previously he was employed for 2 years as a research engineer within the Baosteel Group Corporation located in Shanghai, China. Bin Chen has published 1 patent and more than 10 research papers.


+61 (2) 4033 9029

Paul Munzenberger

Mr Paul Munzenberger - Consulting Engineer

Paul Munzenberger joined TUNRA Bulk Solids in 2007 after completing his degree in Mechanical Engineering. Before his studies, Paul worked as a fitter machinist for the coal and power industries and was responsible for maintenance and repair of bulk material handling equipment. Besides his consulting work, Paul focuses on the study of indentation rolling resistance of conveyor belts by means of large scale laboratory testing, on site testing and theoretical analysis and is also currently undertaking a PhD in this area.


+61 (2) 4033 9012


Ms Priscilla Freire – Business Development Officer – Brazil

Priscilla Freire graduated in 2011 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering with a focus on Mechatronics, from the Pontifical Catholic University of the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. She has a specialisation degree in Project Management and an ongoing MBA in Business Management. Prior to joining the TUNRA Bulk Solids team, Priscilla worked for two years as a mechanical engineer for a multi-national consulting company in projects involving beneficiation plants, port terminals and materials handling. She took up her role as Business Development Officer for Brazil in May 2014.


+55 31 9952 1287

Mr Kerim Türkdoğan - Business Development Officer - Turkey and the Balkans

Kerim Türkdoğan graduated in 2011 from the Department of Mineral Processing Engineering at the Technical University in Istanbul, Turkey. Following his graduation, he started a master degree in bulk material transport and storage under the supervision of Professor. Dr. Ayhan Sirkeci and completed his Master Thesis in 2013 at TUNRA Bulk Solids at the University of Newcastle. In August 2013, he took up his current role as TBS Business Development Officer for Turkey and the Balkans.


+90 541 372 20 25

Brendan Beh

Mr Brendan Beh - Engineer

After completing a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Newcastle in 2008, Brendan Beh was employed as research assistant with A/Prof Craig Wheeler. Since this time, he has worked in the area of belt conveying and especially on the characterisation of viscoelasticity of conveyor belts. Since the beginning of 2010, he holds the position of an engineer and is involved in research and consulting projects with focus on design and testing according to both Australian Standards and industrial requirements.


+61 (2) 4033 9032

Nicholas Weightman

Mr Nicolas Weightman - Engineer




+61 (2) 4033 9047


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Donna Clarke

Mrs Donna Clarke - Administrative Assistant (TUNRA Bulk Solids)



+61 (2) 4033 9055

Danielle Harris

Ms Danielle Harris - Administrative Assistant (TUNRA Bulk Solids & Centre for Bulk Solids & Particulate Technologies)



+61 (2) 4033 9039

Tony Salmon

Mr Tony Salmon - Workshop Manager



Eric Brooker

Mr Eric Brooker - Laboratory Manager



Ian Brooker

Mr Ian Brooker - Senior Technical Officer



Simon Plint

Mr Simon Plint - Senior Technical Officer



Scott Brooker

Mr Scott Brooker - Technical Officer



Tristan Chappel

Mr Robert Dobing- Technical Officer



Joe LeRougetel

Mr Joseph Le Rougetel - Technical Officer



Leo McFadden

Mr Leo McFadden - Technical Officer



Greg Restall

Mr Greg Restall - Technical Officer



Bill Rose

Mr Bill Rose - Technical Officer



Malcolm Sproule

Mr Malcolm Sproule - Technical Officer



Paul Whitworth

Mr Paul Whitworth- Technical Officer



Elizabeth Wilks

Ms Elizabeth Wilks - Technical Officer



Dale Witchard

Mr Dale Witchard - Technical Officer




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A/Prof Bill McBride

A/ Prof Bill McBride - Senior Consulting Engineer



Thomas Bunn

Mr Thomas Bunn - Consulting Engineer

Thomas Bunn is a Senior Consulting Engineer with TUNRA Bulk Solids and has been working in research and industrial consultancy for over 45 years.  His principal contributions are in the area of hydraulic conveying. He has also worked extensively on the design and troubleshooting of industrial systems.


Shane Keys

Mr Shane Keys - Consulting Engineer