​24th of November 2016

11th Australian Bulk Handling Awards 2016

The 11th annual Bulk Handling Awards was hosted by the Australian Bulk Handling Review on the 24th November, culminating in a gala evening and gathering of some of our industry’s finest practitioners to recognize and celebrate outstanding achievement.  TUNRA Bulk Solids won the Innovative Technology category at the 2016 Australian Bulk Handling Awards for its Rail Conveyor Technology. The new conveying technology, developed by TUNRA Bulk Solids, provides a highly energy efficient and cost effective method for transporting bulk commodities.  The Rail Conveyor merges the benefits of both belt conveying technology and rail to produce a low rolling resistance bulk material transportation system.  A demonstration Rail Conveyor system was recently built in China (see pictured). The system is 150 m long and was built by Libo Heavy Machinery Company who has licensed the Rail Conveyor technology in China.


(left to right) TUNRA team – Ken Williams, Mal Coble, Danielle Harris, Craig Wheeler, Alan Roberts, Michael Carr and Bin Chen



Demonstration unit in China