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    Bin and Hopper Design

    Bins and hoppers are used for the storage of bulk materials during material handling processes. The hopper is the lower tapered section of a bin, which can also be found above feeders in gravity reclaim stockpiles.

    Both must be designed for the actual bulk material being handled over the entire range of operating conditions including varying characteristics.

    Testwork performed by TUNRA Bulk Solids (TBS) allows for the selection of optimum geometry of bins and hopper to ensure material flow initiation, reliable and predictable discharge and estimate of the loading on bin and hopper walls.

    Flow Properties Testing

    The comprehensive laboratories at TBS permit the characterisation of bulk material properties using standard, well established test procedures. The type and range of tests required depend on the moisture content and type of storage facility to be designed.

    The flow property testing services offered include, but are not limited to:

    • Direct Shear testing (low and high consolidation)
    • Testing with undisturbed storage time
    • Wall friction testing
    • Determination of worst case moisture content
    • Bulk density / Compressibility testing

    Design Services for Bins and Hoppers

    In addition to the characterisation tests, our highly qualified and committed team of specialist engineers and consultants offers assistance and guidance with the design of materials storage systems.

    Contact our team for design audits of new and existing bulk materials storage systems and/or conceptual design expertise including:

    • Effective hopper geometry and choice of wall liners to obtain mass flow
    • Multi-outlet bins and eccentric loading/discharge
    • Investigation of potential silo quaking
    • Determination of wall pressure and relative wear predictions
    • Optimum feeder interface geometry

    The extensive floor space available at TBS also offers the facility to undertake scale modelling in the order of 1:10 to 1:5 scale depending on the application.


    Case Studies

    The following case studies highlight a selection of bin and hopper design projects completed by TUNRA Bulk Solids:

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