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    Dust (Environmental) Testing

    Understanding the dust/moisture relationship of a bulk material allows minimisation of water addition for dust suppression. This in turn assists in water conservation at mines and other handling facilities, as well as minimising the total moisture of the product.

    TUNRA Bulk Solids offers the following dust testing services:

    Fines (-6.3mm) and Lump (+6.3mm) Dust Extinction Moisture (DEM) Testing

    The moisture content at which a material is deemed to emit no dust is determined using a procedure outlined in AS 4156.6-2000. The standard was written specifically for coal in the -6.3mm size fraction but may also be utilised for other bulk materials and larger particles (lump) by adapting the procedure and altering the quantity of test sample according to the bulk density. The actual weight of the sample is taken into account when determining the dust number.


    Wind Tunnel Dust Testing

    Wind tunnel testing may be perforemd in a medium scale wind tunnel to investigate the lift-off behaviour of particulates as they travel on uncovered conveyors, in rail wagons or when exposed to wind lift-off during stockpiling.

    Tests may be carried out at different moisture levels, durations, surface wind velocities and with or without treatment including water only sprays, or sprays containing a solution of water, surfactant and veneers.


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