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    Hydraulic conveying

    Hydraulic Conveying

    Hydraulic transport of solids has occured since the beginning of time, the flow of fine solid particles in rivers being an easy everyday illustration. Advances in engineering and technology have transformed this natural phenomenon into commercially viable transport systems handling industrial minerals encompassing concentrates, ores and almost every type of tailing via slurry pipelines. TUNRA Bulk Solids offers a range of hydraulic conveying testing and evaluation services.

    Feasibility Studies

    Expert evaluations of the technical and/or economic feasibility of high concentration slurry and paste pumping disposal systems.

    Slurry and Paste Testing

    TBS has equipment and procedures to perform the following:

    • Bench scale and pilot scale tests to provide basic design data for the engineering of slurry and paste pipeline systems.
    • Testing of the physical and chemical properties of the slurry particles including particle analysis completed using a Malvern particle size distribution analyser, Micromeritics accuPyc pycnmoter and SEM size and shape evaluation.

    From these results the selection of the most economic pipe size and pumping requirements for each specific application can be determined. TBS can provide assistance in conceptual design which specifies system parameters, process design, key equipment and system operation and maintenance philosophy.

    Slurry and Paste Commissioning and Technical Support

    The team can prepare operating and maintenance manuals, commissioning programs, commissioning and operator training and provide support of system operations, review of corrosion and wear problems, operation reviews and control system optimisation.

    Power Station Ash Disposal and Coal Washery Waste Paste Disposal Systems

    TBS has experience in the design and commissioning of high concentration slurry pumping systems for modern high capacity coal fired power stations for depositions in open cut coal mines.

    TBS also has experience in the design and commissioning of systems that disposes coal washery waste underground. 

    Case Study

    The following case study highlights a feasibility study completed by TBS for the Recovery and Pumping of Marine Sediment.