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    Mechanical and Portable Testing Services

    TUNRA Bulk Solids has access to modern mechanical testing equipment which is available to industry and meets a wide range of consulting projects. 

    This equipment is utilised as part of consulting and research project. The highly dedicated and passionate TBS staff have become rather proficient in designing and manufacturing project and application specific testing equipment in house.

    Currently the range of equipment includes:

    • 20 tonne hydraulic universal test machine – specifically designed for compression testing,
    • 25 tonne hydraulic universal test machine,
    • 5 tonne mechanical universal test machine – for improved precision at lower loads and a
    • 35 Newton dynamic mechanical analyser (DMA) machine – for testing viscoelastic materials.

    All machines are equipped with digital computer controls, computerised data logging and are regularly calibrated to ensure their accuracy is maintained. A good range of attachments is available to meet most requirements and can be used for tensile, compression and shear testing with the hydraulic machines also being capable of conducting fatigue testing. This equipment is primarily used for the testing of conveyor belt and rubber compounds to assess their mechanical properties according to Australian and International Standards (e.g. AS1333).


    The equipment can also be used in the analysis of bulk solid materials, other materials such as metals and composites or for client specific applications. Workshop facilities are available to manufacture custom attachments for these machines if required.

    Portable Testing Services

    Over the course of 38 years of experience in materials handling projects, TUNRA Bulk Solids has developed and acquired a diverse range of specialised testing equipment.

    This equipment can be used for a variety of different projects and applications and includes:

    • Ultra sound testing (thickness measurements)
    • Infra-red camera (temperature measurements)
    • XRF (chemical composition measurement analysis)
    • TekScan Pressure Mapping (pressure and force measurement using flexible sensors)
    • Strain Gauging/Accelerometer Application (motion measurement)
    • Load Cell Applications (weighing and force measurement)
    • 2D and 3D Laser Scanning (from laboratory to industrial scale
    • Weather Meter (with data logging)
    • Conveyor Belt Tracking (belt signature)

    TBS staff and workshop personnel have become proficient in designing and manufacturing project and application specific testing equipment in house.


    This includes mechanical and mechatronic devices for the handling, sampling, calibration and testing of bulk solid materials and associated components.


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