21st September 2017

TUNRA Bulk Solids were pleased to present an overview of current state-of-the-art materials handling techniques and their application to the coal industry. TBS designed a one-day conference specifically for Glencore to examine industry issues and solutions to help provide Glencore with unique insights and opportunities as leaders in their field.

The topics that were covered on the day were;

  • Flow property testing
  • Effect of moisture and clay content on flowability
  • Proper design of bins and hoppers for mass flow
  • An overview of the custom designed impact wear and abrasive wear testers at TUNRA Bulk Solids
  • Analysis methods and best practice for transfer chute design
  • The latest testing available for the correct selection of conveyor belts and idlers.

The TUNRA Bulk Solids team of Engineers were in attendance all day providing expert advice on current bulk handling issues. Presenters included A/Prof Craig Wheeler (belt conveyors), Dr Tim Donohue (mass flow and funnel flow), Dr Bin Chen (transfer chutes and DEM), Dr Paul Munzenberger (conveyor belts and idlers), Daniel Ausling (Flow properties) and Bipin Pal (wear testing).

A keynote address was given by Professor Alan Broadfoot, Executive Director of the Newcastle Institute for Energy and Resources (NIER). NIER brings together The University of Newcastle’s leading researchers working in the area of energy and resources.