3-Day Professional Development Course

The team at TBS have once again delivered a high-level professional development course to industry, 12 delegates travelled from Queensland, Victoria, and Regional NSW to participate in the intensive 3-day short course with sessions on:

  • Bulk solid flow properties and application to design
  • Loads on bin walls – symmetric, eccentric discharge – shock loads and silo quaking
  • Stockpile design incorporating draw-down, live capacity, base loads and locations of reclaim hoppers, feeders and tunnels
  • Loads on buried structures in bins and stockpiles
  • Basic principles of chute design
  • Dust control in transfer chutes
  •  Application of DEM and CFD in chute design and performance evaluation
  • Belt conveying – overview of various types of conveyors – bulk solids and conveyor belt interactions – review of basic design procedures and future developments

The delegates enjoyed a tour of our modern comprehensive flow properties laboratory and workshop facilities. Eric Brooker, laboratory manager at TBS showcased the laboratory equipment necessary to characterise bulk materials. Delegates also gained an insight into the large experimental facilities which include conveyor belt and idler testing equipment, small industrial scale test rigs and specially designed pilot plants housed to conduct the specialised on-site testing at TUNRA Bulk Solids.

Shaun Reid, Dr Jens Plinke, Dr Bin Chen, Professor Craig Wheeler, Dr Peter Robinson and other members of the TBS team have provided a successful training course helping industry to overcome their material handling problems. For further information regarding courses please contact Danielle.Harris@newcastle.edu.au