3rd of November 2016

TUNRA Bulk Solids specialists hold the first Bulk Solids Storage and Handling Master’s subject in Brazil through the MoU with University of São Paulo

From the 3rd to the 5th of October 2016, TUNRA’s Director, Prof Mark Jones, and TUNRA’s General Manager – Research, Dr. Kenneth Williams, held for the first time the course Bulk Solids Storage and Handling at USP (University of São Paulo). This course was taught as a condensed Master’s subject within the Mining Engineering post-graduation program and is a result of the MoU signed between the University of Newcastle and USP in 2015. The course had 14 participants, all of which from the industry, and during these three days students had a chance to discuss practical applications of bulk solids handling systems and handling issues commonly found in the industry.


Ken’s lecture on Discrete Element Method (DEM)



Ken and Mark’s closing remarks – USP Bulk Solids Storage and Handling course


Students’ feedback after the course was very positive, which is a great encouragement to continue this type of work both in Brazil and in other countries.  This course showed, once again, TUNRA’s commitment to sharing the knowledge in bulk solids handling worldwide especially by combining academic knowledge with years of practical experience from our highly qualified staff.