6th of July 2016

TUNRA Bulk Solids participates in Bulk Material Forum  – Turkey

TUNRA Bulk Solids participated as a sponsor at the Bulk Material Forum in Turkey, which was held for the first time. The conference, which took place in Istanbul in June 2016, will become one of the most relevant in the materials handling industry in Turkey.  TUNRA is proud to be a leading player in the development of the bulk materials handling industry in Turkey and, as part of our commitment to this industry, our Business Development Officer in the region, Kerim Turkdogan, presented two technical lectures during the conference:

1)    Design of Silos According to Material Flow Properties:

  • Modes of Flow
  • Direct Shear Tests & Internal Friction
  • Effects of Time Consolidation
  • Wall Friction
  • Case Studies
  • Other Topics related to the Silo/Feeder interface

2)    Transfer Chute Design with DEM Modelling:

  • Why is transfer chute design so important?
  • Purpose of DEM
  • DEM calibration methods
  • Case Studies

Both topics generated a lot of interest from the audience and TUNRA’s booth was visited by members of leading companies in the Turkish market including Nuh Cimento, Sisecam, İsDemir, Promel, Sandvik and Bursa Cimento.