Individual Excellence in HSE Practice Award

The Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Awards which are presented by NIER at the University of Newcastle are an annual acknowledgment of the individuals and research groups who consistently meet NIER HSE Management standards in their workplace practice. This is specifically important given the risks associated with operating within a high-risk interdisciplinary research precinct. The 2021 Award for “Individual Excellence in HSE Practice” has been awarded to the TUNRA Bulk Solids Workshop Manager, Joshua Burg. Since being appointed in 2021, Josh has made several safety improvements to assist the TBS team and the broader NIER community. These include:

  • Reviewing and transitioning all safety documentation onto SharePoint
  • Refreshing the safety-first culture through a positive attitude and safety discussions with staff
  • Implementing automated processes where possible to increase operator safety
  • Actively engaging in the safety feedback process
  • Attending both TUNRA and NIER safety meetings to ensure efficient communication of all aspects of safety.

Congratulations to Josh for all your hard work and dedication in ensuring that the highest standard of Health and Safety is implemented in the daily operations at TUNRA Bulk Solids and the wider NIER site.