Transfer Chute Design 3-Day Short Course

TUNRA Bulk Solids will be running an online short course on Transfer Chute Design from 21 – 23 September 2020.

Key learning outcomes:

  • Design principles for favourable transfer chute design
  • Bulk solid material properties and testing procedures required for design and flow analysis
  • Application of material properties in the design process including liner selection
  • Influence of bulk solid material and conveyor belt interaction prior to and post transfer
  • Transition zone and discharge trajectory considerations
  • Chute flow problems due to adhesion and wear
  • Dynamic modelling of transfer chute components for optimum accelerated flow
  • Optimising transfer chute design for feeding and transfer
  • Practical implementation of continuum mechanics analysis
  • Dust control during the transfer and redirection process
  • Optimising chute geometry for controlled wear in the flow zone and at the belt feed point
  • Overview of the principles of DEM analysis
  • Application of DEM and other modeling techniques
  • Close the gap in knowledge set of the analysis tools and techniques
  • Obtain specific problem solving skills for transfer chutes

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