TUNRA Bulk Solids commissions new DEM testing equipment

Over the past decade, there has been an increased focus on environmental and health concerns related to dust emissions in mining and mineral processing activities. Understanding the behaviour of dry bulk materials in different handling operations is of utmost importance for the design of ‘dust-free’ facilities such as transfer chutes, train load outs and stockpiles. One of the methods used for characterising bulk materials is the Australian Standard AS4156.6, typically known as the “Dustiness” or “Dust Extinction Moisture (DEM)” test, whose main aim is to determine the relationship between moisture content and dustiness levels.

TUNRA Bulk Solids has seen a significant increase in demand for DEM testing over the recent years, which has led to the recent commissioning of its 3rd DEM machine to meet this demand. The new machine, which is now undergoing the final testing phase, has shown very good results in comparison with TBS’s other two machines and is now being incorporated to our suite of testing. Contact us for further information on how TUNRA Bulk Solids can help with your dust-related challenges.

 Online Short Course 25th – 29th May

TUNRA Bulk Solids will be delivering their Storage, Feeding, Transfer and Belt Conveying Short Course in an online environment from 25th – 29th May. The course program will include sessions on:

  • Basic principles of handling plant design
  • Bulk solid flow properties and application to design
  • Mass flow and funnel flow
  • Transfer chute design and modelling with Discrete Element Method (DEM)
  • Dust control for transfer chutes
  • Belt conveying – overview of various types of conveyors, bulk solids and conveyor belt interactions, design procedures and future developments
  • Wall loads and quaking
  • Feeders and dischargers
  • Stockpile design

To register for the event or for further information please contact Danielle Harris or download the course brochure here